Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Its my turn to PARTY.......

This is one month that i love to wait for and see it pass by....the month that brought the gorgeous me on this earth..well couldn't have been possible without many others efforts but what the hell..

Its my Birth Day in another ten days. I love to wait for it...thinking of how all these near and dear ones around me will try and impress me...blah blah blah.

Know what do i wait most for ...i wait for my dads call ...that comes around eight and nine in the morning every year wishing me loads of luck and happiness. The tone of his expressions tells me how deep my roots are. Though i share a very shy relationship with him but even then i have never loved anyone more. Not that i don't love my mom- I DO . Know what, when i was young i had this jealousy pangs that she was more important to him than me but i guess over the years i have learnt that its not the case. Every one has there own place in ones life and i am proud to say that i have a BIG space in my dads heart, probably the biggest. You see MY DADY STRONGEST....had always been my best spoken line about him.... So now few people who say that i am my own favorite may get something fresh to quote. I have some other favorites too, like French fries, Kababs, fish fingers, tarter sauce, flavored milk, pizzas, garlic bread, pasta, vodka, LIT and who can forget the most favorite DOGS & BOYS. So people no more complains i have lots of favorites....Long drives, back to back movies, chillar shopping, lonely walks, Bryan Adams, Sayed Zulfi and not to forget one and only MYSELF....... ):

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bosses & Confrontations.........

Most bosses don't like confronting people or making decisions that favored one staffer over another. “Instead of having one bad day and getting over it, it went on for literally years,”.“You just kick the can a little farther down the road—‘Let’s have a meeting on this next month’—anything you can try to keep from having that confrontation.”People bristle at such gentle criticisms, and at times change the subject: “You’re getting to work on time; that’s wonderful!” he would say. “Never mind that your clients say you’re difficult to work with.”
(Illustration by: Jayachandran /Mint)

What resulted was a dysfunctional department, he admits, “with no discipline, no confidence in where they stood, lots of scheming and kvetching, back-stabbing”. He gave up his management role. “I’m extremely happy not managing,” he says.

The bad manager tends to conjure images of the blood-vessel-bursting screamer looking for a handle to fly off. But these types are increasingly rare. Far more common, and more insidious, are the managers who won’t say a critical word to the staffers who need to hear it. In avoiding an unpleasant conversation, they allow something worse to ferment in the delay. They achieve kindness in the short term but heartlessness in the long run, dooming the problem employee to non-improvement. You can’t fix what you can’t say is broken.

In a knowledge economy, where work is more complex and interdependent, people need feedback more—what they particularly need feedback on are on things that are difficult to give: one’s interpersonal style. Bosses who use generalities so people really don’t know what they’re talking about believe that one-size-fits-all comments: “Pay a little more attention to detail” and “improve the way you communicate” and “develop better organization skills”.The substance less nature of his feedback stuck him with one of the worst performance-related torments: Being left to your own imagination. “Hearing nothing is worse than hearing something”.

No one appreciates the deceptive peace and quiet.

Managers hate to give an employee news that would “crush his spirit”.
Though someone says,“I would rather be mean once to one person than cause this unrest across the team,” he says.As it stands, he adds, “ it’s a horrible cycle, because now I have even more work to keep everyone else happy.”

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Its all about the choices....starts from ones birth itself. What should we name him /her?
what school to go, what dresses to wear, which, college, what profession and many such questions.

Often i wonder what if we never had these choices, would life be simple or would it be a clutter.
What would have i been called if it was not for my name, what if i never had any favorite color, or dress or drink. What if no one had the right to make any choices?????

W home would have i called in my saddest hours? where would have i shopped on the weekends? Which movie would have i watched? What would have i had in lunch? I think one of the most important thing that makes us what we are today are our choices. Some which were borne to us by the environments we live in and some which we acquired over the years in influence to the external environment.My name is my identity, and my choices make the perception people hold about me, false or true, can be tested only when they come in direct interaction with me. The whole idea is that 'Me' exactly is not me , rather it is a combination of what people want me to be & what i actually want to be.


Party at Shack's . . . .

Shack was really shacking....never had thought that Nikki's last party before leaving to Cal would be such a blast...or should i say Fantabulous.Thanks to all those, bloody merry, B52, LIT and Vodka, it was great. The Ambiance was cosy and music was even better.And not to forget it was the company that mattered the most. I knew jimmy was a little uncomfortable but the smile on his face said that he was enjoying. If not the drinks, it could be the fact that i was happy......very very happy. The twinkle in my eyes said so. It had been ages we went out partying like that...

Had never known what was more influential, his being around, or the company we had, or the fact that the two most important men in my life were together, if not by there free consent, they were there for me, because what mattered was me. Both wanted me happy. And obviously , my million dollar smile was there. Lots of nachos and kababs, and not to forget Chocolate Cake...over all a rolling night.....And i loved Jimmy sneaking on me to check me dancing........and over all i love Nikki looking at jimmy with those concerned eyes...definitely wondering what makes him so special....will definately tell some other day...

Friday, March 28, 2008

An average day.....

As I rush down to the first floor of our two-story house where I live in a joint family with my granny and uncles I take a pledge to wake up early next morning and go for a walk, which had been long due. An early morning at my place is kind of upside down with everybody rushing around to leave for the day. The common sight is to see me youngest cousin running around with his glass of milk and my aunt running after him to wear his socks and get ready so as not to miss his school bus. My eldest cousin is so obsessed with his biceps that I am sure he would be exercising in his dreams too.Half an hour later when I get back to the main living room most of the people have left either to their schools or offices. As I comb my hair I wonder which color would I get my hair streaked this time, this golden blond shade gives me a cheeky look, may be I will try something ethnic this time. At eight fifteen I am out of my house. Standing at the red light I wondered if I could have had a gadget of some sorts to take me to the office in minutes instead of half an hour of driving. With that a smile surfaces my face – I remembered Harry Potter’s latest movie I watched last Saturday. I was a big time fan of Harry Potter. Had this novel come at my age I would have been the most famous witch of my era and by gods grace it would have saved me the trouble of driving through these crowded roads, cluttered with vehicles, honking all through.I head towards our cubicles or Ring as I rightly liked to all it.

I was pleased to see that the ringleader was not there. (That’s what I like calling our Team Head –Ringleader). Half an our later settling down for the early morning meeting,my team(very popularly known as the Four Musketeers),we had a heated discussion on the billing status.Targets have always been the driving force for any sales team as your incentive structures are based on the same. After say twenty minutes of all the important discussions we gear up for the day.As I reach back office after all that clutter on the roads and thanking the cab driver for carrying me around the two states (Delhi & Haryana), finishing the work for the day,I realized it was quarter to four. It was past lunchtime and I was really low on energy. I rushed to the pantry, picked my favorite classic salted pack of wafers and a bottle of coke. With that I would like to officially thank and bless the maker of this soft drink called Coke. My taste buds are so prone to it that a day without the same.

After reaching my desk I checked my mails once again and started attending to the necessary paper work. I was thinking of calling it a day . Worried to reach home ASAP, to tell the truth I was too tired to even be buried. And not to forget, I still had an hour of drive at hand to reach home, as at nights the traffic was even worse.By the time I reached home it’s already eight thirty. After spending some more time with my cousins I took my meals and moved to my room.

Don’t know from whom did I inherit this reading habit but then I can’t sleep without reading few pages. Could be anything from Harry Potter to Atlus Shrugged or even Angels & Demons, science fiction or pure fiction or even biographies, the idea is to let the creative juices flow.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Desperate Few

After reaching Okhla I got down asking the driver to stay put there as I crossed the road to the nearby toy shop. While I was crossing by, a group of school going kids crossing me not only passed some cheap remarks but also tried rubbing shoulders with me. . .
I wondered so as to what was happening to the present generation. At the same time dawned the fact that being a female in this country was really tough. Not just uneducated people, even the educated ones here had there own perceptions about females being the weaker and derogatory sex. With the first female president joining house, the society at large still have silent issues about females heading in any arena, the scenario still is not that bright. Everyday there are hundreds of females who suffer one or the other king of sexual or mental harassment in offices or homes. I had been pondering in the heat of the sun over the dignity of the men in various age groups who on such similar roads and corners rebuke there own existence by their cheap behaviors. For few seconds of pleasure we loose our dignity of being humans, which is so gifted by God. I often wish I could do something and make a difference. (Five years earlier when my dad asked me whether I would like to do my MBA, I knew he would be cutting it too low, with my brother already in engineering studies, expenses would have been very heavy for him to bear. I realized it that day that I will have to work very hard to carve my way forward and today five years down the line I have no regrets. Even now, I am at par in all aspects to my peers, may be better off. I can never forget my dad quoting – When going gets tough, the tough gets going…. Had it not been for the support he had extended to me I wouldn’t be even a bit of what I am today.)
But even though i did good for myself i dont think i can or would be able to do anything good for the mentality of the people we live with.

The Early Morning Blues

As a very famous saying rightly says – every body salutes to the rising sun. Not to forget that it takes lot of efforts to be on the top, but it takes the double of that to rise above the top ones. The presentation states that all we see is scope and further assure that our benchmarks are far much different than that of defeating the competitors. We are the only national daily which has shown a positive growth continuously, for the past five years, in comparison to the other dailies which have de grown in the same span. We demand your support not because we need it but because we deserve it. “We don’t say that we are the number one – we say we are the fastest growing, more economical and versatile in approach”.

Crash…there goes three days of hard work in the drain. With that the school bell rang and everybody dashed out of the classroom…Classroom ….did I said CLASROOM. But I was in the Board Room of Lintas with national heads for Maruti Suzuki and investment directors from Lintas. (The biggest Advertising agency in the country with very prestigious accounts like Maruti, Revlon) The biggest annual deal for the year at stake, Maruti Suzuki alone does more that 30 crores of business with us annually. I was at the tri party meeting …but how come this school bell is still ringing. When I turned to look around I realized that I was in my bed and the alarm was ringing. (If this tone would not be this screechy getting up in the mornings would have been a mammoth task, how I adore this irritating ring tone of my alarm.) Putting the alarm in the mobile back on snooze I doze off to sleep again. (Where do all those Tom Cruise & Sharukh Khan vanish to when I start dreaming?)

I woke up with a jerk to realize that it was already seven and if I don’t get up now I would be late for the office. There goes my exercise and fitness plan down the drain. I guess it kind of doesn’t go with my personality and as it is I exercise a lot in my dreams.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Freaky nights

As i was about to kiss him the freaking alarm went on....Gosh what timing. Snoozing it off i slept again. When i woke it was late for office. Long Island Tea, from hang up for the previous night , it was already five and i was sure that i would be missing my flight. I hate these early morning flights....except for saving the time they are a total mess...its not only hard to look for commutation early in the morning rather it upsets your schedules also. With those swollen sleepy eyes i fetched my towel and headed straight for the Washroom , not intending to leave any scope to get late.

These one day up and down kills you...the only good thing is that you get paid for the trip, good food and great treatment....had been on my choice would have picked otherwise.

Had it not been for my Popsie's Birth Day, would have preferred staying back but a paid trip to mom and dad is always welcome. Just imagine going there with some flowers and a small pack of sweets would make his day.As for the gift is concirned - Main hun na.....

Thinking of all those years when he had been celebrating my birthday.........i wanted to do this from the time i became indipendent. I wanted him to be the one to get gifts from me now on. I always wanted that when he looks into his watch ,it should remind him of me. All those soft memories when he held my hand across those rocky roads have never been fact they will be cherished and today i want that when he sits in those late evenings he should have some memories to remind him that i am there by him and will always be , the way he has and will always be for me.........................

Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentines Day

Another valentine ....and another year.
I fail to understand why is it such a big hue and cry to express your feelings on Valentine. Excuse me what were you doing the whole damm year. Why do you need a special day to express your love. What about the rest of the 364 days in the year. Ain't they good enough to express your love.

LOVE.. Ever wondered what it meant. Loads Of Volatile Emotions

Love for me has always been about being emotionally attached to a person in such a manner that you put him before yourself. Its always been about my mom....the way she used to put us and dad before everything in her life. From the smallest to the biggest thing in her life, its always been about either dad or me or my bro. Love for me is being together, knowing that you all are different from each other , with different understandings and interests in life, but still rooted together, loving each other for being there for each other. Its about knowing that there is someone to whom you could turn back on one of those bad days of your life. Like Kill someone and Hide behind. Its always been about the feeling that i had when i had started learning bicycle (My Blue Bicycle) - i used to drive without any fear knowing that if, i fall Dad would hold me. Not a sense of security rather its about the trust that you have that come what may there are people you can rely upon.

Well couldn't ever figure out whom i loved more, my dad or mom. I guess i got in the wrong comparisons , they both happen to be the best i could have had ; and how could i not quote my Bro. My blue eyed boy. He is the twinkle of the family, not to forget, being the younger one he is loved more and pampered more but then he deserves it. Love for my mom & dad had always been about us, the four of us.

So this was a quote to thank St Valentine for giving me such wonderful relation to love .

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jassan's Day Out !!!!

The Color of my hair- should have been the ideal title for the blog. But i guess no point in making it that offical. or should it have been Jassans day out at the parlour.......God knows have i ever seen anybody that excited about getting hair colored.She got up at nine instaed of one on a sunday morning.See thats called dedication -- for someone who doesnt get up at eight fifteen to reach office by nine... getting up at nine to reach parlour...Something. Couldnt help not to talk abot the different laugh she has.Man she looked like a model. I wondered if someone ever told her that she had a very cute laugh.

Well the excitement served after the results unfolded ...her colored hair did give he a deadly look.she looked like a model. Well well lets see Maddy addys reaction to it...hope he gets shocked too....i mean in the positive sense. People check it out....its all happening around you guys.